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  1. Devin Carroll

    Spousal Benefits

    If you think the WEP is unfair, you don't want to know about the GPO. 😐 The WEP is a reduction to benefits from your work history, the GPO is a reduction to spousal or survivor benefits. The reduction amount is equal to 2/3 of your government pension. Check out this article for more information on the GPO. https://socialsecurityintelligence.com/the-government-pension-offset/
  2. Devin Carroll

    Spousal Benefit?

    If your son's disability occurred before age 22 he should be eligible for a benefit when you file. As long as your spouse does not earn in excess of the earnings limit, she should also be eligible for an unreduced spousal benefit.
  3. Devin Carroll

    Death Benefits for Working Teenagers

    If a child is receiving benefits from Social Security, they are subject to a limit on the amount of earnings they can receive from wages or net earnings from self employment. These income limits change on an annual basis and for 2019 is set at $17,640.
  4. Devin Carroll

    My ssdi and widows benefit

    When you first started receiving SSDI you were getting around $1,600? Now you receive $754? Where does the $283 come in?
  5. Devin Carroll

    German Pension

    Here's an article that I wrote where I propose that the last repeal measure would do more harm than good. https://socialsecurityintelligence.com/the-social-security-benefit-reduction-act-of-2015/
  6. Devin Carroll

    German Pension

    Yes...but don't hold your breath. The WEP "repeal" that has been talked about isn't really much of a repeal. Instead, most proposed legislation simply replaces the WEP formula with a new formula called the public service fairness formula.
  7. Devin Carroll

    Younger Spouse Strategy

    Hi Broomer...it sounds like you have it mostly correct. One thing to note is that until you file for your benefits, she will not be eligible for her spousal benefit. This means that if she doesn't become eligible for that benefit until her FRA, the spousal top off amount will not be reduced. Check out this video for more details on how this calculation works.
  8. Devin Carroll

    Social Security with pension involving WEP

    Just so I'm clear...the county job that you held did not withhold SS taxes? Do you have an estimate of your benefit amount?
  9. Devin Carroll

    long term disability vs Ss benefits

    It sounds as if your long term care disability policy has a SSDI Offset provision. This permits your insurer to deduct other income you are receiving due to your disability. SSDI is one such source of income. I'd read through your policy and see what the exact language is on offsets.
  10. Devin Carroll

    Survivor check for 18 yr old student

    They can and will. Whenever a minor child receives a benefit, the Social Security Administration pays the benefit to a representative payee. This individual is often a parent and is responsible for managing the benefits on behalf of the child. One of the responsibilities of the representative payee is to make an annual accounting of how the Social Security benefits have been used through a Representative Payee Report on Form SSA-6230. This form requires you to report the amount of the child’s benefit that was spent and the amount that was saved. If you have saved part or all of the benefit amount you’ll also be required to list the institution where it was saved along with the account numbers. IF you haven’t spent all the money, the SSA will require you to send it back to them when your child turns 18. This is because your child is considered an adult in their eyes and they will begin to deal directly with them. This surprises many who were trying to do the prudent thing and save the checks for the child’s car, college tuition or some other important expense. You can see the Social Security Administration’s page titled “Transfer of Conserved Funds“on this topic for more information.
  11. Devin Carroll

    my benifts

    Since this question was a little outside of my area, I reached out to John Ross, an Elder Law attorney and co-host of the Big Picture Retirement podcast. Here's what he said. "There may be ways but it will depend largely on what type of benefits you are receiving and what state you are currently located in. My recommendation would be to go to www.naela.org and find an elder law attorney near you. If there are options, they will know."
  12. Devin Carroll

    SSDI and survivors benefits

    Your husband's SSDI benefit is the same as his full retirement age benefit. If he dies, this is the benefit for which you'll be entitled. If you file for this benefit prior to your full retirement age, it will be reduced. Check out this video I made that discusses the Social Security survivors benefit and how it works.
  13. Devin Carroll

    Section 207 of the social security Act(42 U.S.C. 407)

    When I'm looking for specific sections, I go to the SSA website or one of the outside sites like Cornell
  14. Devin Carroll

    Can't Find Info

    Up to 85% of your Social Security benefit could be counted as taxable income. How much depends on a measure they call "provisional income" which is basically all of your other income. For a visual explanation, check out this video I made