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  1. Devin Carroll

    Gov offset Pen

    Dorie...the 'last 60 month rule' will allow you to qualify for BOTH a survivors benefit and your teacher's pension. It's very important to do this correctly! The last 60 months must be spent at an employer who contributes to both social security and the LA teacher's pension. Additionally, you cannot mix employment! If you work even one day at an employer who is does not pay into social security you will undo all of your effort. Check this article out for more information. https://socialsecurityintelligence.com/the-government-pension-offset/. Also, check out the SSA piece on the last 60 month rule. https://secure.ssa.gov/poms.nsf/lnx/0202608107
  2. I don't think you have to file for Medicare in order for her to file. Check out the following language from medicare.com "If you’re married and haven’t worked in a paying job: If your spouse is at least 62 years old, and has worked at least 10 years paying Medicare taxes, you can enroll in Medicare when you turn 65, including premium-free Part A. If your spouse is younger than 62 when you turn 65, you won’t qualify for premium-free Part A until your spouse turns 62 (if your spouse has worked and paid Medicare taxes for at least 10 years)." Find the full version at https://medicare.com/original-medicare/im-getting-married-need-medicare/
  3. Devin Carroll

    survivor benefits

    Short answer...yes you can. However, the SSA will often dispense advice in this area that is not correct. Watch these videos to make sense of the rules and keep you protected when it comes time to file.
  4. Devin Carroll

    Copy of your free publication

    Yes you can. Unfortunately, the SSA often will misadvise individuals about this. Check out these videos I made recently on Social Security survivor benefits. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKl2hxYLLF9E_edTXVWZJOM-O0sTM_bQW
  5. Devin Carroll

    survivor benefits

    Yes...you can delay filing for survivor benefits if your spouse dies before your FRA. If you file for your own, you do not have to automatically switch to survivor benefits. Important to note, the SSA has a system for searching for the highest payments and you could be automatically switched. If your spouse dies, carefully watch your benefit amount for increases and get it stopped as quickly as possible if you see an increase.
  6. Devin Carroll

    Spousal Benefit when Husband On SSDI

    This is certainly a multi-part question that requires a much more thorough analysis before a good question can be found. Here are a couple of places I would start. First, find out what benefit you could get as a 'child-in-care' benefit. This is typically 50% of the higher earning spouse's benefit. In this case, the family benefit maximum would limit the amount that was paid to a lower number. Second, if you truly believe the life expectancy of your spouse is shortened, filing early for your own benefit could make sense. If your spouse dies, you'd be eligible for a slightly higher benefit from his record. Keep in mind that the earnings limit will apply if you file early. Here are a few resources:
  7. Devin Carroll

    Spousal Benefits While on SSDI?

    She can't receive both. Is the spousal benefit more than her disability benefit?
  8. Devin Carroll

    Too late for spousal benefit?

    Hi Tom...your wife's benefit can be up to 50% of your full retirement age benefit, but since she filed early, the portion of benefit from her own work history was reduced. Here's a video that explains a scenario in which an individual became entitled to their own and spousal benefits at separate times.
  9. Those overpayment notices can be almost impossible to decipher. First, I'd get someone to explain exactly what months are being withheld. Then, once that makes sense, I'd ask the SSA for a payment plan that will satisfy the SSA but also give you a monthly benefit.
  10. Devin Carroll

    Spousal Benefits

    If you think the WEP is unfair, you don't want to know about the GPO. ? The WEP is a reduction to benefits from your work history, the GPO is a reduction to spousal or survivor benefits. The reduction amount is equal to 2/3 of your government pension. Check out this article for more information on the GPO. https://socialsecurityintelligence.com/the-government-pension-offset/
  11. Devin Carroll

    Spousal Benefit?

    If your son's disability occurred before age 22 he should be eligible for a benefit when you file. As long as your spouse does not earn in excess of the earnings limit, she should also be eligible for an unreduced spousal benefit.
  12. Devin Carroll

    Death Benefits for Working Teenagers

    If a child is receiving benefits from Social Security, they are subject to a limit on the amount of earnings they can receive from wages or net earnings from self employment. These income limits change on an annual basis and for 2019 is set at $17,640.
  13. Devin Carroll

    My ssdi and widows benefit

    When you first started receiving SSDI you were getting around $1,600? Now you receive $754? Where does the $283 come in?
  14. Devin Carroll

    German Pension

    Here's an article that I wrote where I propose that the last repeal measure would do more harm than good. https://socialsecurityintelligence.com/the-social-security-benefit-reduction-act-of-2015/
  15. Devin Carroll

    German Pension

    Yes...but don't hold your breath. The WEP "repeal" that has been talked about isn't really much of a repeal. Instead, most proposed legislation simply replaces the WEP formula with a new formula called the public service fairness formula.