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  1. hi Devin my name is don healy I have watch your videos on you tube I am 63 will be 64 in Aug. and single I am self employed carpenter I have rheumatoid arthritis I was diagnosed with it around 30 years or so this year has not been to good for me I have had back surgery in Feb. to fix a herniated disc broke my right ankle now I slipped and fell and broke my left collarbone in Oct. my left shoulder has been a problem I have had for a long time Dr today says I have pretty severe arthritis in that shoulder joint and could use a replacement shoulder the arthritis in my knees and hands are getting worse so my ability to do my carpentry job is slipping away from me faster than I had planed my question is would I be eligible for disability social security even if I don't have replacement surgery right away Dr. says that my ability to raise my arm over head and lift anything heavy is not much of a option anymore even with new shoulder so just looking for some advice THANK YOU DON HEALY