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  1. Thanks Devin, I think what your kinda suggesting is in line with my thought process as well. We are firm believers in the KISS principle and apply this to our savings vehicles and retirement planning strategies as well. We are minimalists and live very frugally but have a higher middle income stream thru our careers. The goal is to retire early and enjoy the fruits of our endeavors. We subscribe to your YouTube Channel and have recently enjoyed this blog page. Please keep the info coming as we see your strategies falling right in line with our retirement goals. Sincerely, Mike Tracy US Navy Vet(Gulf War)
  2. Hello, I am older and make less than younger wife. I want to retire at 62 and possibly claim SS. Wife wants to retire early too and take spousal benefit, delaying her SS as long as possible. We only have my 403B as backup and a small VA pension in my name. 403B is match on traditional at 6% and Roth side at 30% of income. Would it be better to use my 403B up first then SS? Or the opposite. Leaving the Roth alone and supplement the SS with the traditional side funds until they run out?