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    Spousal Benefit when Husband On SSDI

    I realize a mistake I made in my question posted above regarding the video time mark. Instead of 9:20 it should be 4:40.
  2. In Devin's video entitled, When Most People File For Social Security and why? at the 9:20 mark he discusses Spousal Issues-Spouse is higher earner and has health concerns. Can you tell me outlined scenario in the video segment fits my situation at all and why or why not? What follows are my particulars: I am 62. If I retire now my Social Security estimated retirement benefit would be $1051/month. At FRA, 66 and 4 months, my estimated retirement benefit is $1440. My husband is 63 and has been on permanent 100% SSDI since 2010. He has heart disease (quintuple bypass age 49), HBP, severe arthritis (seven spinal fusions). Additionally, his father was deceased at 38 (heart attack) and his only sibling deceased at 50 (cancer). While none of this is terminal per se, realistically my husband's life expectancy is probably less than mine. His current monthly SSDI benefit is $1600. If it matters we have a 23 year old disabled live at home son with severe early onset schizophrenia which began before age 22 and is not expected to improve. He gets 1/2 my husband's SSDI benefit, $800, based on my husband's record. I currently work full time in a job I mostly enjoy, earning $40K a year. I am in excellent health with a history of long familial lifespan. Regarding Social Security for myself I have no idea what, if anything, I am eligible for and more importantly, what is financially expedient. Can I, or better yet, should I, file for spousal benefits on my husband's record now? Is this financially advantageous opposed to waiting until my FRA? For example, If I am able to retire now on my husband's record can I continue working full time in order to retain affordable heath care insurance or is there an earnings cap? Thanks in advance for helping.