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  1. Devin, My brother decided to start collecting SS at age 62 (he was single when he made this decision). He then earned over the income limit in the year he started collecting, which was 2017. Now the SS administration is demanding that he pay back over $3000.00 dollars in monthly payments of $85.00. He is no longer receiving SS payments, but this is putting a real hardship on him as he now has a child and girlfriend to support. They have visited a local office several times to clarify how SS arrived at this figure of an overpayment. However, they are not just taking a portion of his SS payments to reimburse his debt. They no longer are paying him his monthly benefit. At the same time, they expect him to be able to pay back $85.00/ month. It's been very difficult for him to even get a statement that shows how the administration came to these numbers. What would you advise him to do at this time with the information I have provided?