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  1. Thanks so much Devin. From what I have read here, you are a blessing to many people.
  2. Hi Mike, Thanks for the info. I fear that we may have missed a great opportunity to have increased my wife's payments. If so, I wonder if there is any chance of getting a retroactive amount. I look forward to the answer from Devin. (BTW, my grandson's name is Devin.) Thanks again for your help.
  3. I probably should have mentioned that I am now 85 and she is 84. Thanks again.
  4. My wife started drawing her SS at age 62 several years ago based on her earnings. Three years later when I became 65, I retired and started drawing my SS. Her benefit now is $784 and mine is $1,865. Should we have filed for her spousal benefit when I became 65, or did her SS automatically increase to include her spousal benefit. Thanks for your web site and the work you do to help others.