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  1. Hubby has worked at job for over 30+ years. He has NOT made more than $17/hr, and his raises were minimal to none since 2008. At that time, we watched our 401K's $1K drop to $0 almost overnight. He works for a small landscaping company. We started our own Partnership where I picked up part time gardening, and he picked a few customers up on his own. He is 65 in February, I am 63 in February. Working for ourselves we charge $25 - $30/hr. Till now, all the earnings for the business have been applied to MY earnings on our Taxes. His income from employment was applied to HIS earnings on our taxes. We file jointly. His health is declining, and mostly from the stress that working 6 days a week for all our 37 years of marraige with few days off, except to take care of ailing parents, etc. I see a need to collect both MY retirement, and HIS retirement income. I would sign up of for Medi-Share as I am in relatively good health. He will have to go on Medicare and is needing to make decisions NOW for that event in February. I have been picking up new customers since our daughter has married and moved out. We have had opportunity to take on new customers this past year, but because he worked full-time for an employer, we had to decline. With the current customers, and taking on a few more, some of whom have already expressed interest, I am inclined to file for both of our SS Benefits which would give us a approximately the total amount net that he currently brings home. We would then be able to make up to the amount allowed without being taxed, work less hours and be able to actually LIVE a little, destress a little, and be able to put money away in something like a Vanguard account. Am I crazy. He is NOT going to increase in wages where he works. Another question would be how to apply earnings in our business. Since all the earnings were applied to MY income on joint return, could we continue to do that or should we split it, or what. Is any of this a good idea.