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  1. I have worked 21 years (meeting well over the minimum income required for those years to be countable according to Soc Sec Windfall Elim Plan). I have paid into my Pension with Kentucky public schools for 11 years, and could buy back about 4 years of previously cashed out pension payments when I switched jobs. (I cashed them out not knowing I would return to the public schools.) I am 51 years old & would like to retire between age 55 to 60. I’m exhausted and work very hard!!! I would like to maximize my benefit as much as possible because I have simultaneously worked 2 full time jobs for many years. At the same time, I’d like to retire early if possible. All of this is EXTREMELY hard for me to understand, and I feel the people I have asked for help really don’t know & I can’t afford to be wrong.