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  1. Simpler variation of "older lesser younger higher" above on a strategy to maximize payments. Assume both Spouces will file at FRA. Spouce1 is turning 66 in December 2019 and is the lower earner but eligible for small SS payment . Spouse2 who has max 35 years of earnings turns 66 in August 2020. 1/2 of Spouce2 will be much more than Spouce1 FRA payment. Is it good strategy for Spouce1 to file for small benefit on 66 birthday(FRA), receive her full, but small SS payment for 9 months, then would get top off on Spouce2 66th birthday when Spouce2 files at FRA? The other option is to wait for Spouce2 to file in August of 2020 then have Spouce1 would file to get hers plus top off to 1/2 of Spouce2 but it appears Spouce1 would be leaving $$ on the table for 9 months of small retirement payment between December 2019 and august 2020!