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    Younger Spouse Strategy

    Devin thanks for the reply. I think I understand it correctly. My main question is there is no issue with my wife claiming her own benefit for one year and then once I start claiming my benefit (1 year later) at my full FRA, she can switch to receiving the spousal benefit which is 50% of mine. The plan would be - she claims her benefit of about $550 per month in Sept of 2028 when she is 67. I will claim my FRA benefit of $3,900/month in August of 2029 when I turn 67. My wife would then file to switch from her benefit to the spousal benefit (50% of mine) which would be $1,950. I wanted to make sure that she is not locked into her benefit if she starts taking it and that she can switch to the spousal benefit once I start taking it. This seems like the best strategy to maximize our benefits.
  2. My spouse is 1 year younger then me and was low income worker. Her FRA benefit at age 67 is estimated at $550. My FRA benefit at age 67 (1 year after her) is $3900. In order to maximize our Social security benefits I was planning on her taking her benefit at her FRA for the one year before I turn 67. She will receive the $550 per month for 1 year. When I turn 67 the following year, I would being taking my FRA social security of $3900 and my wife would immediately file for her 50% spousal benefit of $1950. That would come from her $550 plus the spousal top off of $1,400. Does this look correct? Also if she starting taking her benefit at age 62 and received a lower amount it is my understanding that this would reduce her spousal top off.