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  1. I was married at 20 he was 2 years older. I divorced him after 32 years. He remarried for 2 years then suddenly was dead. I was told lm intitle to Survivors Benefits... Being a stay home mom for so many years he made a lot of money while owned a computer business while l helped. He was very angry at me so he gave everything to his wife of 2 years even leaving his 2 boys nothing. He was a true dead beat father in every since of the word once the divorce was final. We were still in court over him hiding a pension. So now he is dead at 58 stll owing me child support and alimony of 80k also he gave the pension to his wife of 2 years. I just want to know being she is now considered his real Widow because he died married to her. Im just tge divorced Widow. How much of his SS benefits does she get to take from me? You only need to be with an old guy for 9 months to take his SS. How much do l actually lose splitting my ex of 32 years with a new widow? Does she get 70% and l get only 20% In the end she got 3 life policies a pension and even his SS benefits it was a nice pay off for marrying an old guy. Who ever has even an idea im thankful.