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Laurel Starkey

SS at 67 divorced

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Hello, I am 67, full retirement age, born 1951, was married 33 years, divorced 5years. My xhusband is 6 years younger than me born 1957 and is 61.5 years. My plan was to file a "restricted application" which allows me to collect a spousal benefit while delaying benefits om my own earning record when he turned 62.

First; can I do this at all, because I'm divorced.

Second; Congress passed a new law in 2015 for people born after Jan. 1,1954 (my xhusband) cannot file a "restricted application". So, when a person born after 1954 claims retirement benefits they are "deemed" to be claiming entitled spousal benefits. I understand that, but I was born 1951 under the old SS law. My question is; can I still file "restricted application" on my xhusband or do I fall under the NEW law because he was born 1957.

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