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Jerry R Dunham

survivor or spousal

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I am 76 years old and have been receiving my Social Security (disability?) pension for 11 years. I was divorced during that whole time and living with the person who is now my legal spouse. We have lived together for the last 15 years but were legally married only last month.


My spouse is now 34 years old and has never worked outside the home, she was a homemaker, my wife and caregiver to me. I (we) have never received any government money other than my Social Security pension.


My wife who is a Thai citizen had in the past lived in the US for a short time. She had a US work permit and has a US Social Security Card and number. She chose not to pursue US citizenship and was never issued the Green Card. We relocated to her native country of Thailand for a more affordable cost and higher standard of living on our income and budget.


Odds on because of our age difference, I will be deceased long before her and she will more than likely continue to live in our Thailand home.



Will my wife be eligible for a Social Security pension or survivors benefit when she becomes 60 or 62 years old and I’m deceased.

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