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SSDI, suspended SS now won't allow spousal

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Thank you so much. I read many posts and could not find my answer.

My husband was on SSDI before FRA at age 66.  He filed for suspension of benefits just as soon as his SSDI was moved to regular SS benefit December 2018. He did not sign up for regular SS , as you know they move you to regular SS from SSDI.

Social Security is saying he cannot file Spousal benefit on my record even though he was born before 1953. 2 things I read, 1 from get what's yours and another citation said he could still file for spousal benefits because of previously being on SSDI.  I cannot find the actual Social Security document rule on it so that I can show SS he can still file for spousal benefits. It is important for him to file for spousal benefits as he has a life threatening illness and we need his SS to grow while he still receives some income from SS.

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