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Wayne Mathis

Survivor Social Securuty Benefits

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My spouse of 15 years died in August of 2010.. She got social security disability for kidney failure since she had enough work credits.. She was only 46 at the time of her death... I was 44 and married..

Now almost 8 .5 years later I have questions about Survior Benefits

I never remarried and am I correct in thinking that I have to wait til I turn 60 years of age before I file...  or is there an age limit?

I don’t remember the date she first filed to receive social security benefits but I think it was in the early 2000’s..

She had 2 children that collected on their moms social security until they both reached the age of 18

Please help... Steer me in the correct way... Much help is appreciated..

Wayne Juan Mathis

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