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  2. Just saw your video about how things will change after the year 2020. If my wife, who is eligible for $1,000 a month at full retirement age, starts taking her benefits at age 63 (in 2019), which I understand would reduce her benefit to $750 (75% of FRA benefits), what happens to her benefits after 2020? Do the benefits remain the same or are they reduced again?
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  4. Nadene Balcom


    I would like to see the mandatory requirement to apply changed for individuals such as myself that have VA medical benefits. Why be forced to pay for something that I do not need?
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  6. I work at a school district that doesn't pay into SS and will be full retirement age in May 2019, for Social Security benefits. I was thinking of drawing my SS and continue to work at the school. Would this be wise to do and just save my SS money? Will I be penalized for making 4120.37 a month from Jan -April? Thanks in advance for your help.
  7. I just turned 60 and am considering retirement at 62. I watched your video regarding how to calculate my SSA benefit. How accurate is the SSA's estimate of my benefit at age 62 on the MySSA website? Thank you.
  8. Jerry R Dunham

    survivor or spousal

    I am 76 years old and have been receiving my Social Security (disability?) pension for 11 years. I was divorced during that whole time and living with the person who is now my legal spouse. We have lived together for the last 15 years but were legally married only last month. My spouse is now 34 years old and has never worked outside the home, she was a homemaker, my wife and caregiver to me. I (we) have never received any government money other than my Social Security pension. My wife who is a Thai citizen had in the past lived in the US for a short time. She had a US work permit and has a US Social Security Card and number. She chose not to pursue US citizenship and was never issued the Green Card. We relocated to her native country of Thailand for a more affordable cost and higher standard of living on our income and budget. Odds on because of our age difference, I will be deceased long before her and she will more than likely continue to live in our Thailand home. THE QUESTION: Will my wife be eligible for a Social Security pension or survivors benefit when she becomes 60 or 62 years old and I’m deceased.
  9. Devin, My wife is 64 (FRA-66), I'm 57 (FRA-67) and the higher earner. What would be our best strategy for filing? Thanks, -Jim
  10. I am looking for help in filling out a waiver form and understanding a notice of overpayment. My mother is having a lot of difficulty with this and with finding a lawyer to help her with this. I live in a different state so I cannot easily go to the SS office with her to try and help her with this. Where do I look for help?
  11. Juanita Douglas


    I was only given only about half of my backpsy. When I questioned Social Security about this they told me that first I had waited to long to dispute it however the man that was appointed to my case was prosecuted for embezzling and no longer worked there.. My case was never given to another person to handle until I went in to ask about my money. About 2 months I had no case worker. My lawyer got as much money almost as what I did. I was also told that my ssd and ssi accounts had been combined into one and it had all been disbursed. I had 2 years backpsy. I am still owed almost $10,000 What do I do to get it? Who do I contact. The Sociak Security office won't even give me a copy if my file. Second question is : at the time I was approved I should have been able to draw off my husbands acct. Instead of mine. We have been seperated since 2006 but have never divorced or gotten a legal separation. It would increase my pay by about $400 a month. What do I do to get this changed.
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  13. Broomer

    Younger Spouse Strategy

    Devin thanks for the reply. I think I understand it correctly. My main question is there is no issue with my wife claiming her own benefit for one year and then once I start claiming my benefit (1 year later) at my full FRA, she can switch to receiving the spousal benefit which is 50% of mine. The plan would be - she claims her benefit of about $550 per month in Sept of 2028 when she is 67. I will claim my FRA benefit of $3,900/month in August of 2029 when I turn 67. My wife would then file to switch from her benefit to the spousal benefit (50% of mine) which would be $1,950. I wanted to make sure that she is not locked into her benefit if she starts taking it and that she can switch to the spousal benefit once I start taking it. This seems like the best strategy to maximize our benefits.
  14. Barbara L. Roman

    Spousal Benefits

    Please lead me to death benefits. I have been widowed. My spouse passed on oct. 9th. I have applied to ssa and sent all the original documents. To date I ha e not had a response from SS.
  15. Because a few years teaching in a public high school, I am affected by the WEP. On my birthdate, August 27, 2018, I became 68 years old. By the end of this year, I will have accumulated 27 years of Substantial Earnings, so my Social Security will be reduced by 25%. (Hope I have this correct.) I don’t want to leave anything on the table, but I’m tired and I want to start receiving Social Security. I would like to retire when I reach 69; however, I want to receive credit for 28 years of Substantial Earnings. How can I prove that I have received that level of earnings by my birthdate, or do I have to wait to the end of the year and depend on income tax filings to prove earnings?
  16. I have lived and worked in the US since 2003 and now qualify for SSA. I turn 70 in 2019. As I am still working, I have postponed drawing my UK State Pension but receive private pensions of about $300 a month at this time. Should I take my UK State Pension at 70 in full, or take advantage of the lump sum due as a result of having postponed drawing it? How can I minimize the WEP effect?
  17. So it’s exactly the same as an adult who gets their own Social Security before full retirement age.
  18. We got a letter from SS office stating that they overpaid my sons first check,hes from the Philippines and got over here this past year.We went to the office here and the lady said that he would get back pay,but he will only get 1 check.Now they want it back,it was sent in error because he turned 18 in November,he turned 18 on the 24th and he should have this month.Also when he was living in the Philippines he was getting checks but my wifes sister kept sending them back to SS office here in the states,because they couldnt cash them,they only can be cashed in over here.I feel like he should have gotten his back pay from that time too.What should i do?This definitly isnt right at all.
  19. Sandra Tafolla

    My ssdi and widows benefit

    on my widows benefit
  20. Devin Carroll

    Spousal Benefits

    If you think the WEP is unfair, you don't want to know about the GPO. 😐 The WEP is a reduction to benefits from your work history, the GPO is a reduction to spousal or survivor benefits. The reduction amount is equal to 2/3 of your government pension. Check out this article for more information on the GPO. https://socialsecurityintelligence.com/the-government-pension-offset/
  21. Devin Carroll

    Spousal Benefit?

    If your son's disability occurred before age 22 he should be eligible for a benefit when you file. As long as your spouse does not earn in excess of the earnings limit, she should also be eligible for an unreduced spousal benefit.
  22. Devin Carroll

    Death Benefits for Working Teenagers

    If a child is receiving benefits from Social Security, they are subject to a limit on the amount of earnings they can receive from wages or net earnings from self employment. These income limits change on an annual basis and for 2019 is set at $17,640.
  23. Devin Carroll

    My ssdi and widows benefit

    When you first started receiving SSDI you were getting around $1,600? Now you receive $754? Where does the $283 come in?
  24. Devin Carroll

    German Pension

    Here's an article that I wrote where I propose that the last repeal measure would do more harm than good. https://socialsecurityintelligence.com/the-social-security-benefit-reduction-act-of-2015/
  25. Devin Carroll

    German Pension

    Yes...but don't hold your breath. The WEP "repeal" that has been talked about isn't really much of a repeal. Instead, most proposed legislation simply replaces the WEP formula with a new formula called the public service fairness formula.
  26. Devin Carroll

    Younger Spouse Strategy

    Hi Broomer...it sounds like you have it mostly correct. One thing to note is that until you file for your benefits, she will not be eligible for her spousal benefit. This means that if she doesn't become eligible for that benefit until her FRA, the spousal top off amount will not be reduced. Check out this video for more details on how this calculation works.
  27. Devin Carroll

    Social Security with pension involving WEP

    Just so I'm clear...the county job that you held did not withhold SS taxes? Do you have an estimate of your benefit amount?
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