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Showing results for tags 'i am state worker with 18 yrs with the state. i also have many years working private sector however', ' because of some part time work and time off with children i have only 29 years of “substantial” work years. my question is—while i am in the lasers system', ' can i also elect to have social security taken out of my check for the remainder of my career at the state to obtain my 30th year and hopefully keep my social security from such a large decrease. i am presently 69 and intend to work at least another year and perhaps 2. also', ' i just recently began drawing ss even though i continue to work in state government. if i were to pay ss for the next year or so' or ' considering my income would be much greater than when i paid in previously would my ss pmts eventually be recalculated to consider my higher wage? any information and guidance would be appreciated.'.

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