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John M

Variation of Julie-Joe scenario

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Hi Devin,

Here's a variant of Julie-Joe scenario in your excellent video. Assume that Julie and Joe are of same age.

Julie's FRA(67) benefit = $1100

Joe's FRA (67) benefit = $2000

Julie files for her own benefit at age 62 and receives 70% of FRA benefit which is $770 (Joe hasn't yet filed)

Joe files 5 years later when both Joe and Julie reach FRA of 67 and is entitled to receive his FRA benefit of $2000

What will be Julie's top off amount when Joe files?

Will it be $230 (difference between half of $2000 and Julie's reduced benefit prior to Joe's filing)?

Or will it be $0 since Julie's FRA benefit is higher than Joe's FRA benefit?

Or some other number?



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