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I was only given only about half of my backpsy.  When I questioned Social Security about this they told me that first I had waited to long  to dispute it however the man that was appointed to my case was prosecuted for embezzling and no longer worked there.. My case was never given to another person to handle until I went in to ask about my money.   About 2 months I had no case worker.  My lawyer got as much money almost as what I did.  I was also told that my ssd and ssi accounts had been combined into one and it had all been disbursed.  I had 2 years backpsy.  I am still owed almost $10,000

What do I do to get it?  Who do I contact.  The Sociak Security office won't even give me a copy if my file.

Second question is : at the time I was approved I should have been able to draw off my husbands acct.  Instead of mine. We have been seperated since 2006 but have never divorced or gotten a legal separation.  It would increase my pay by about $400 a month. What do I do to get this changed. 

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