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  1. Hi Devin, Recently I found out that I am a beneficiary of my recently-deceased grandmother's life insurance policy. ($25,000 total, split between 5 people, so I will receive $5,000.) I receive SSI (not SSDI) as I have been disabled from birth with comprehensive congenital heart disease and just recently had another major surgery (I'm 25). My father and I live on my SSI and his small seasonal income; we use my SSI to pay our mortgage every month -- it's actually about the same amount as our house payment, so all of that money goes directly to the mortgage. I just want to know: when this policy comes my way, will it affect my SSI payments? My dad does not have medical or dental insurance and I was hoping to use this money to pay for his much-needed dental work. I don't know if it makes any difference in the eyes of the Social Security Administration, but I do plan to use it for something medically necessary. I have heard that I should spend the money quickly without letting them know, but I'm dubious because I do not want to mistakenly do something illegal that would cost me my SSI. If they cut back my SSI, it's like I never even received an inheritance, and my dad (60 years old with diabetes) will not be able to get the dental work he so badly needs. If you would be so kind as to advise me on what to do, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks so much for your time, Maddie