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  1. If my wife takes spousal benefits after 62 (assuming I've already begun receiving SS), can she switch to her own account, for example, at 66 or 70 if that is a higher amount? Thanks
  2. Hi Wayjay, I'm not an expert, so until Devin answers I'll let you know what I've heard. I believe that in order to collect spousal benefits you would have had to have already started collecting SS. However, I think that may be more for today than when you retired. There were a couple of strategies back then that might have worked better for you. Here's a link to a guy that talks a little bit about this, and I'm sure Devin will have additional information. Start watching at 5:20 minutes into the video.
  3. Hi Devin! I'm trying to figure the best way to strategize the sequence of my and my wife's claiming of SS. She is eight years younger than I am, and has mostly been a stay at home mom. However, she has worked enough quarters to qualify for SS, though the amount is pretty low. I'm planning on working until my FRA (67), and about three years later my wife will turn 62. Can she begin collecting her minimum SS at 62, then when she turns 67 switch over to collecting spousal benefits at 50% of my current earnings? Thanks - Mike
  4. Can my wife begin receiving her social security at 62, then convert that to a spousal benefit at 67? This is assuming I'm already receiving social security. Thanks