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  1. davistw

    Bus Driver SS benifits in Texas

    Gotcha... Yep the amount she is due from TRS is about 600 a month with a 17000 cash value If I figure it right she would get spousal benefits minus 400. If that is right she would still be spousal+200 if my calculations are correct. If these calculations are correct it would payoff at 8 years. So the question is to take it out lump sum or gamble on living 8+ years. Im ordering your book right now and downloading your free PDF.
  2. davistw

    Bus Driver SS benifits in Texas

    Thank you. I will definatly do my research before we do this. My only concern is her TRS pension is only a fraction of my SS benefits. If I pass away then her benefits will only be this fraction.
  3. My wife has been a bus driver for 27 years and has been paying into TRS. The question is have if she withdraws from TRS all of the money she has put in and puts it in a IRA will she be eligible for spousal benefits from Social Security?