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  1. My husband retired from teaching in 2013 under the rule of 80. His pension is from Texas TRS with 10 years of non-covered employment and 6 years, 4 months of covered employment, which he transferred from Texas ERS. He has 22 years total years of substantial employment (of which 6 years and 4 months contributed also to his monthly retirement amount of $1460). We just had an appointment with social security where our guy was in training. He did not make any allowance for the 6 years 4 months that were covered and contributed to the pension. More facts-my husband is 69 years and four months old, although we were going to go back to May, when he would have been 68 years and four months old. I am lost in all the numbers to figure out what his social security monthly amount should actually be. Can you help? Oh-he received his most recent statement July, 2018, which says his monthly payment should be about $1559. Ugh! Thanks!!!