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Chris Blanchard

No earnings have been recorded on my SS account since 2013

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I’ve been contributing to my SS account since 1984 but at 2013 I went into business by myself. I run under an S Corp and so I file both Corp and indivudal tax returns 

as I surmised that I had accomplished more than 40 quarters of contributions I figured I dont need to contribute anymore monies to my account. So since 2013 I show zero earnings on my SS account. 

Im now 65 and according to my SS Acct I shall receive a little over $1400 which is OK by me but the SS office is giving me a hard time about these missing years of zero earnings. Why is that? I don’t  understand their rationale and they want to see my indíquela tax returns. They claim I won’t receive any credits for those missing years,. 

If im fully vested why should they care. So are they going to prevent me from claiming my full benefits at 66? Or are they subtly trying to get me to continue to contribute for some sinister reason. And make up any back payments for whatever reason. 

Am I obligated to show these years tax returns to them 2013-17? The whole thing seems rather strange to me. I hope I can get some answers to this.  

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